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Native Americans celebrated their corn feasts in the vicinity of Congo Square with religious fervor, and according to local lore, they considered the area of Congo Square to be holy ground

In Congo Square on Sunday afternoons, to different degrees over time, African descendants spoke and sang in their native languages, practiced their religious beliefs, danced according to their traditions, and played African derived rhythmic patterns on instruments modeled after African prototypes.”


- From Congo Square African Roots in New Orleans by Freddi Williams Evans


Even today, on any given Sunday at 3pm in the vicinity of Congo Square, the sound of drums still echo and call for people to gather and connect to their ancestral memory, invent  new creative expressions  and organize African-American artists and communities.


Since its formation in 1989, The Congo Square Foundation, now known as The Congo Square Preservation Society, has been the major catalyst in the resurrection and continuation of activities, advocacy and preservation of historic and sacred Congo Square.  Some of our most significant accomplishments have been:


•  Initiated the Congo Square Living Classroom Fieldtrip for students Pre-K through College.

•  Advocated and secured placement of Congo Square on the National Register of Historic Places -     January 27, 1993.

•  Designed the Congo Square Historic Plaque erected November 23, 1997.

•  Impacted millions through Sunday Congo Square Drumming Workshops since 1989 that have touched people from New Orleans, national and international communities.

•  Produced five Congo Square International Festivals in the 1990’s.

•  Partnered with the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation to produce the Congo Square New World’s Rhythms Festival.

•  Hosted and drummed 24 hours in the “Drumming for Life Vigils” in Congo Square - 1994 &1995.

•  Sponsored Congo Square clean-up, healing plant landscaping, logo and essay contests, lectures and historic research.

•  Supported & organized activities, workshops and performances to honor, recognize and celebrate New Orleans’ African-American creative community and culture bearers.

•  Created a marketplace for international drummers, dancers and artists



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